Texas Executive Suites

For the startup business, small business, or the entrepreneur, we can provide a cost-effective solution to meet your daily business needs. We are situated in the heart of the upscale Houston Galleria area. A virtual office is a cost-effective way to provide your business with a professional image and numerous professional support services. GVOS provides its clients with personalized receptionist services, meeting space on demand, and a professional mailing address with mailbox all at a fraction of the cost of leasing traditional office space and hiring administrative staff. Some reasons to consider a virtual office space in Houston are when
-you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to renting a conventional office suite
-you’re starting a new company
-looking for a full-time receptionist at a fraction of the cost to hire
-you’re looking for a professional setting in which to meet clients
-downsizing from a convention office
-expanding on a home office
-you’re seeking a professional business address to upgrade the image of your company. 281-657-3300