Houston’s Finest Hotels

Jen and Bill have been living out of hotels, but are trying to find suitable temporary living quarters while their custom home nears completion. The pressure is on because Houstons newest residents, Jen’s parents Dave and Judy, are due to arrive from Florida that day. With options running out, Bill makes a last-ditch effort with a corporate apartment complex. As luck would have it, theres a cancellation that allows him to secure a two-bedroom apartment. He phones Dave and Judy and tells them where to bring their moving trucks. As Bill, Dave and Judy settle in, Jen spends another day at the hospital. What starts off as a routine shift quickly turns intense as a Code Red alarm goes off and Jen and her co-workers sprint to answer the call! Later, an exhausted Jen comes to the apartment and gets a tour of her new home. It has the potential to be a pressure cooker, with four adults and five dogs under one roof. The next day is the Fourth of July, so the two couples visit the new house to check things out, then drive out to Galveston to watch fireworks on the beach. For now, things have settled down. Jen’s parents are here, theyre no longer living out of suitcases and its only a matter of time before the new house is theirs.