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Top Houston Divorce Lawyer

Apr 2, 2017 | Posted by in Best Lawyer Profiles | Comments Off on Top Houston Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is the leading cause of death in marriages over  7 years old. If you are going through a divorce it can be the worst time of your life. See also…uncontested divorce lawyer – Houston. Houston Divorce Lawyer for Men and Women Today we want to profile the Von Dohlen Law Firm, Texas Divorce Attorneys. They have been rated the top divorce law firm in the Houston area and we would like to interview them as a guest article. Please see our questions below. Q: As a divorce law firm, how do you guys get the word out about your services (advertise)? A: We do almost all of our advertising on Facebook. Here is one of our blog posts there: **See also Houston Divorce Lawyer – Facebook Q: That’s unique, don’t see a lot of attorneys on Facebook. How is that form of marketing working out for you? A: We tried Google Pay Per Click and it was just thousands of dollars spent with zero return on investment. Then we started working with a marketing consultant that specializes on Facebook marketing and this generates clients for us regularly. Q: Do you work with men and women, or just men? A: When I started out, I somehow became known as the divorce lawyer for men, but I actually help both men and women. It’s just that a lot of my clients tend to be men. Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who is going through a divorce. A: Don’t do anything foolish, especially don’t get violent or physically fight with anyone…ever…it just is the wrong way to go. Do your best to establish a friendly rapport with your spouse and get through this thing as amicably and quickly as possible. Also, hire the best attorney you can find.